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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G. "Take 5" with Ford's Gimme The Gig

Today we spoke with Cowboy and A T.H.U.G. Did you know that T.H.U.G. stands for True Hustler Unleashing Game? We didn’t think so! So we dug up some more facts about the diverse band.

Five things you should know about Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.

GTG: How did you come up with, or decide on your name?

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.: “We have two very different personalities and wanted to put them together. We also wanted a name that people can Google.”

GTG: Where would your "dream show" be, or favorite place to perform?

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.: “Madison square garden.”

GTG: If you could have a limited edition ’12 Ford Focus designed for your band what would it look like, and what’s one thing that it would HAVE to have?

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.: “Have to have large subheads, and a really hot graphic that looks like tagging outside on the car that says Cowboy and A T.H.U.G. But on the inside it’s all country with cow leather seats, and a cowbell hanging from the rear view mirror.”

GTG: Any pre-show rituals?

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.: “Showing up late? We both are very spontaneous so whatever happens, happens.”

GTG: What's the band's favorite food?

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.: “Dollar value menu! After shows we run to Wendy’s or Jack in the Box.”

Thank you so much EZ Money for talking with us! Don't forget to vote for them on Gimme The Gig!

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