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Friday, August 26, 2011

Margate "Take 5" with Ford's Gimme The Gig

Today we spoke to Alex Helbig from Margate to get the inside scoop on the band. The original members all grew up on Margate Street in Encino, CA, hence the band name, Margate!

Five things you don’t know about Margate:

GTG: If you had the choice to perform anywhere, where would it be?

M: Wembley Stadium with the Police or Sir Paul McCartney. Also the Hollywood Bowl would be amazing!!

GTG: If you could have a limited edition ’12 Ford Focus designed for your band – what’s one thing that it would HAVE to have? And what would it be called?

M: Assuming this is the pimped out mobile studio 2012 Ford Focus… We would HAVE to have room for our dog “Duke”! It would be called “The Gate” mobile, short for Margate and the gateway to our future in our own Ford mobile studio

GTG: Is there a hidden secret about you guys that you think your fans would love to hear? What is it? What’s something you’ve never shared? We’re looking for an exclusive…something your fans would never guess.

M: We kissed a girl and we liked it!

GTG: What's the band's favorite food?

M: Ok here goes the plug, hahaha we go ape over Chick-fil-A. Our guitar player is from North Carolina and was always talking about these tasty fried chicken sandwiches with just a bun, chicken and pickles. While on the road we as a band finally got to experience that sandwich and it has been our favorite ever since.

A big thank you to Alex Helbig the lead vocalist and drummer of Margate, for taking the time to talk to us here at Gimme the Gig!

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