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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ford's Gimme The Gig "Take 5" with Tricia Torres

Today we spoke with Gimme The Gig II contestant, Tricia Torres who recently performed on the GTGII stage in Cerritos, CA. Tricia is a laid back, easy going girl with no secrets, she claims "I'm an open book". What else do we want to know?

GTG: Tell me about the song you submitted to GTGII. Why did you choose it?

TT: "For A While", is written about my Grandmother who passed away two years ago. It’s a celebration of her life - it's very meaningful to me, and inspiring. I wear a locket necklace which inside has a photo of her. She's good luck.

GTG: Where would your "dream show" be, or favorite place to perform?

TT: My dream gig would be to perform in Carnegie Hall, play a show with Bon Jovi, or meet Bonnie Raitt, I would love to pick her brain about life and music, and being a woman in the industry.

GTG: If you could go on a world tour where would some stops be?

TT: I would love to travel on tour to Paris, Germany, Spain, Japan, and London, when there aren't riots going on! In general, I’d really want to spread my music to different places around the world and touch as many people as I can.

GTG: If you could have a limited edition ’12 Ford Focus designed for your band – what’s one thing that it would HAVE to have? And what would it be called?

TT: My fictional, limited edition "Tricia Torres" '12 Ford Focus would have a mini PA system in the back, with a portable barbeque to have an on-the-go, tailgating, mini-show. And a huge extra mirror to help with driving!

GTG: If Don Was were sitting next to you, what would you say to him to convince him to produce you?

TT: We would be a good fit and we would work well together. I'm a good song writer, I'm a good listener... I'm not a diva, and I'm not full of myself.

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