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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ford's Gimme The Gig "Take 5" with Perry Acker

Today we were given the privilege to interview Mark Johnson, the keyboard player of Perry Acker and band manager, Sean Hensley, winner's of last year’s Gimme the Gig Contest. They named their band after Pete and Mark’s great grandfather, who was a well known water color painter. One day Pete passed by a painting hanging on the wall, he noticed his grandfather’s signature “Perry Acker” and thought it was catchy.The more they said it, the more it stuck! It certainly is a unique name!

Five things you don’t know about Perry Acker:

GTG: What keeps you involved and motivated to stay in this industry when you have to face tough competition/rejection/major obstacles?

PA: This industry is an outrageous, complicated place; we all strive to get through the tough stuff. The support from our family, friends and fans is what keeps us going. The fans keep showing up, so we owe it to them!

GTG: If you could meet any band, which would it be?

PA: I think I can say on behalf of all the guys, it would have to be Dave Matthews Band. They are a huge inspiration to us and it would be an honor to meet them.

GTG: What is the band’s favorite food?

PA: Uhh, is beer a food? Can we say liquid bread?

GTG: What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” song? Come on admit it, N’Sync is your favorite!

PA: Hmm, well all I listen to is jazz and classical rock. I will say N’Sync is on my IPod but I couldn’t tell you the last time it was played!

Special thanks to Mark and Sean from Perry Acker for taking the time to talk to us. It was a pleasure to interview last year’s prestigious winners!

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