Gimme The Gig

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eyeshine "Take 5" with Ford's Gimme The Gig

We got to speak with Maurice Salmin and Johnny Yong Bosch from Eyeshine, Gimme The Gig I's semi-finalists. While hanging out in Miami they answered some questions for us.

Five things you do not know about Eyeshine’s Johnny and Maurice:

GTG: Where would your "dream show" be, or favorite place to perform?

ES (Maurice): Wembly Stadium in London.

GTG: If you could have a limited edition 2012 Ford Focus designed for your band – what’s one thing that it would HAVE to have? And what would it be called?

ES (Johnny): A joystick with a trigger that I can push to hear a missile launch and explode so when I am sitting in traffic I can pretend to blow up cars. Also huge wheel s so I can drive over traffic.

ES (Maurice): The mixer that Don Was is putting into the Focus and A huge screen to watch movies.

GTG: What is your favorite food?

ES (Johnny): Fried chicken

ES (Maurice): Pizza and gummy bears.

GTG: What food will you not eat?

ES (Johnny): Some Filipino food, like they have this 1,000 year old egg that they eat. I think that just sounds gross.

GTG: Any funny memories of your first shows?

ES (Johnny): It was one of our first shows and we played pretty badly so we went home and practiced every day to get it right. We went back to the same location ready to rock. We sounded like a football team before a game like “Yea! Let’s go!” We get there and one of my strings broke so we couldn’t play our show right. So disappointing.

Thank you to Johnny and Maurice from Eyeshine! It was awesome to speak with you and learn more about the band!


  1. They rule! I saw 'em live at AMA and they sounded amazing! I usually don't like live music as its not always as consistent as recorded versions, but the vocals and music ruled! I wish i had had time to get my cd signed but my cousin wasn't feeling well and i had to take him back to the hotel T_T... sigh.