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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FREE Vintage Gear!? Listen up Musicians!

Musicians know that every scar, sticker and scratch on their favorite equipment is hard-earned, and that’s why you love it. We want to see your gear, and give you the chance to win top-notch vintage gear to add to your collection!

Let us teach you how, in less than 40 seconds!

All you have to do is submit a picture of your beloved equipment here for the chance to win exclusive vintage gear from Ford, such as:

LSL Electric Guitar, valued at over $2,000

The neck and body of this LSL is hand shaped and pick-ups are hand wound. No computers were made to manufacture this guitar. A review from says: "LSL Guitars are incredibly well crafted by Lance Lerman who has quickly grabbed attention from tele, strat and relic fans alike. From his renowned T-Bones to his Saticoys, every part is hand-made, right down to the killer hand-wound pickups. There are no CNC parts here- these are superbly hand crafted instruments with a real vintage feel, unparalleled resonance and tasteful relic jobs. Lerman chooses only the finest woods like Swamp Ash and Sugar Pine to ensure these instruments have great resonance and durability while the weight of most is incredibly light."

Rivera Thirty Twelve Amp

Known to have been used by classic rock artists like the Steve Miller Band, Rivera Amps are also great collector’s items. The Rivera Thirty Twelve Amp is all tube, hand wired amp from California with two channels that give you that "tweed" sound and that "AC30" sound. Small, loud package. Comes with owner's manual and foot pedal.

Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat

Used by Charlie Benante, the drummer for the heavy metal band Anthrax. Also used by Frank Briggs a drum soloist and composer. The first series to be made from the patented Paiste Sound Alloy for transparent, delicate, and sensitive tones with potent expression. The ultimate Paiste sound cymbal, they're perfect for recording and live situations that require precision-tuned instruments. A very thick bottom and thin top cymbal make this a full and tight sounding hi-hat. Boasts a warm, pronounced stick sound along with a full, slightly dirty open sound and dark, crisp "chick" sound. Very responsive feel, very articulate, and versatile.

Silvertone 1482 Amp

The 1482 is a very cool all tube amp from the 1960's with lush vibrato - very dark sounding. This is a great recording amp with single coil guitars. The 1472 & 1482 Silvertone amps were the cool, next to top of the line combo amps available for the bulk of the '60s. Big speaker (12"), a good amount of power (10 watts, increasing to 15 in '63); a nice complement of controls (with tremolo!) and an easy to transport design made this amp a popular sound machine.

BOSS BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio

This powerful digital studio gives you eight playback tracks, a stereo Master Track and 80 Virtual Tracks for recording. There's also a 20GB hard drive and an available internal CD-RW drive to burn your music to CD (BR-1180CD model). And with killer BOSS effects and a separate Rhythm Track with sampled drum sounds, there's nothing you can't do.

We’ve already awarded a sweet Fender 1966 Bandmaster Head Amp – you could be our next winner!

"Fender tube amps are considered the most treasured guitar amplifiers of all time. Popular models like the Fender Showman and Band-Master, the first professional tube heads on the market, are considered collector’s items today."


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