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Friday, September 30, 2011

Coral Thief “Take 5” with Ford’s Gimme the Gig

We caught up with Coral Thief and got to know them at another level. Find out what this band is all about!

GTG: How did you come up with the name Coral Thief and what does it mean?

CT: Some friends of mine and I (2 of which are now members of Coral Thief) took a trip to New Zealand for a vacation. While there, our bassist Justin, who for some reason likes to collect weird looking rocks, found a rock that looked like a surfboard and thought it would look awesome in his fish tank back home. Well, long story short, coming back through customs we find out that that little surfboard was a piece of coral. Taking coral from New Zealand is a huge no, no! I believe they could have charged us with a Class C Felony, but they were cool and let us go. So there you have it, and that's how we came up with Coral Thief!

GTG:  What made you get started in music?

CT:  For me personally, it was the ladies. Being that I was 15 when I started, I'm pretty sure that was my number one motivation. Other than that, music is what drives me and makes me whole. I couldn't live without it. From the time I wake up til the time I go to sleep, I'm working on my next move.

GTG:  Tell me about the song you entered into the contest and why you chose that song.

CT:  The song we entered was called "Two Tonsof Fun". The reasons I chose it, was because it was the newest song that we had finished writing at the time of entering the contest, and the video was the first time performing it live. Not so much the songs meaning was I trying to get out, but the fun we have as a band and the connection we have with our fans. 

GTG:  What's the funniest thing you have experienced when performing?

CT: Well sadly enough I haven't personally had anything funny happen on stage, but at one show in the beginning stages of Coral Thief, our manager who did all the video recording of our shows did something pretty memorable. Mid set I see him side stage trying to get great video of us and the people dancing on the dance floor. As he's walking around he managed to tie his foot up with a power cord and unplugged the guitar and bass. We always told him we'd never let him on stage again unless he was in a bikini...Ha ha, jokes on him! 

GTG:  What would you say to Don Was if he were sitting next to you?

CT: This is a business that I forever want to work in, so if I had the chance to speak with Don Was, I would ask advice! He is where he is for a reason. And I would definitely try to talk him into working with me. Here's a great idea I just came up with. How about we arrange this meeting and I'll give you a follow up, and I'll tell you what I said. :)

GTG:  What is your most memorable childhood experience?

CT:  I use to live in Detroit, Michigan. Big ups to Ford, by the way!  But as a child me and my family would take road trips to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, which wasn't very far away. It was the most amazing amusement park, I've ever been to. I love that place and sadly I haven't got to go back since moving when I was 13.

GTG:  If you had any super powers, what would it be?

CT:  I wish I could read people's minds, how awesome would that be.....But it has to come with an on and off switch.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us guys! Fans of Coral Thief, make sure you vote for them on Gimme The Gig! 

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