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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lost in Atlantis “Take 5” with Ford’s Gimme the Gig

We took a moment to get to know Lost in Atlantis a little better. Read on to learn what these guys are all about!

GTG: How did you come up with the name Lost in Atlantis?

LIA: L.I.A was formed after an extensive name search that myspace hasn't already taken over! Yes, we are speaking of the days in which myspace was once thriving. Lizzie, the singer and synth player, was sitting in bed eating some Romanian food when she stumbled on the Discovery channel. They where featuring an episode on the Lost City of Atlantis! And BOOM! After consulting with Eric and Tim Pinedo, guitar players, L.I.A was officially formed. 

GTG:  How did you put your band together?

LIA: Eric Pinedo and Liz Rosnowski knew each other from a previous band they both where in. After Eric and Liz both left the previous band, they decided to rejoin and form their own. Tim, Erics brother, later joined on bass guitar. The search for the final member on drums was a long and extensive process. After multiple drummer changes Tom Whiting, L.I.A's producer, decided to help them out and fill out the drummer responsibilities.

GTG:  Tell me about the song you entered into the contest and why you chose that song.

LIA: ReadyTo Go is the song that we've chosen to enter into the contest because we feel like it's marketable for the general audience members and it's more geared towards the musical direction we are heading for, which is RockTronica.

GTG:  What's the funniest thing a fan has ever said or done?

LIA: At a concert I, Lizzie, told the audience that we would accept any donations like socks, pennies, gum etc. We looked to see what our fans left in the donation box and sure enough we found a sock, some money, film from a camera. It made us laugh so hard that people actually took my word and placed a sock in the box. We had a silly fan post renditions of our songs on youtube. Those were silly to watch too!

GTG:  What would you say to Don Was if he were sitting next to you?

LIA: I'd open up with a "hey, whats up?!" Probably talk about the sweet hats he wears and wonder if i'd ever be able to pull them off. Then I'd probably ask him what major factors is he looking for in a band.

GTG:  Who is your favorite super hero?

LIA: Mine personally is Wonder Woman! I'm pretty sure that the boys like Iron Man and Spider man because "they're awesome".

GTG:  What movie best describes your life?

LIA: The most recent movie The Runaways on the life and story of Joan Jett. It doesn't really closely represent my life but it shows the struggles of being a musician and how much hard work it takes to want to reach the top.

Thanks for taking the time to speaking with us guys! Fans of Lost in Atlantis, make sure to vote on Gimme The Gig today!  

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