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Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Things You Didn't know about Rachel James

Each week, we will be profiling one of our top artists who will be performing in front of the legendary Don Was!

This week we had the chance to catch up with Rachel James!

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Rachel James played piano and sang for her family and friends as a child. She enjoyed the performances and music evolved into an everyday pulse of her life. Now, as Rachel pursues a career as a musician, she makes her mark with lyric-driven songs. Her lyrics are authentic, genuine, and brutally honest. Unwilling to write about anything she doesn’t feel, Rachel James opens her heart to her fans and creates truly emotional pieces filled with joy and sorrow.

Rachel James

Read our exclusive interview below, and discover 10 things you didn't know about Rachel James!

GTG: Where was your live performance on the Gimme the Gig II Focus Tour?

Rachel: It was in Denver, Colorado.

GTG: While you were in Denver, did you get the chance to sit and try out the new Ford Focus?

Rachel: I didn’t get a chance to sit inside of it, but I took a really good look at it and it’s beautiful; I love it. My Grandpa worked for Ford forever and loved the company so we always had Ford cars. The self-parking feature is definitely something I need in my life. (laughs)

GTG: What is one thing about you we would never guess?

Rachel: When I first started putting my band together, I found two of my members on craigslist; which is a really odd way of finding great musicians, but it worked!

GTG: Seeing that you named your band after yourself; if you had to name it something else what would it be?

Rachel: I really like the band name “Lost Things” and any name with the word “West” in it; because I really love the word.

GTG: What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you on stage?

Rachel: I had an old guitar player in my band that accidently unplugged himself and played half a show not plugged in. The sound booth guy eventually came out on stage and told us. It was so embarrassing. (laughs)

GTG: Do you or your band have any conspiracy theories?

Rachel: There’s 1 person in my band who has these crazy theories about people in the entertainment industry who get chosen to be the most popular people by a secret society group. We can never tell if he is joking or not. (laughs)

GTG: Would you rather be rich or famous because of your music and why?

Rachel: I can’t speak for the rest of my band but I would like a viable income. The famous part of it actually seems like a pain in the butt. My goal is a stable income so I can focus on my music.

GTG: Do you have a favorite independent band other than yourself?

Rachel: I really love this band that’s from San Diego, CA called “Dirty Sweet”. They make me happy, they are awesome!

GTG: What country would you most want to perform live in other than the US?

Rachel: I would love to perform in England. The British have a great music sensibility; they are constantly putting out bands and people whose music I love. Also I am a history nerd and would love to visit for the history.

GTG: How did you start working with producer Joey Barba (Tickle me Pink)?

Rachel: He came and played on a song of mine called “Save Yourself” about a year ago. We just started writing songs together and I came to really appreciate how talented and how capable he is on the production end. So now we are working together on my new album.

Check out a video message from Rachel James to Gimme the Gig and her fans!

Make sure to check out her album “Rachel & The Kings” available fall, 2012.

You can “Like” her at and you can follow her at If you are a fan, give her a shout out on the Gimme the Gig II Facebook page!

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