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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Warm Thank You from a Gimme the Gig II Semi-Finalist

Unique. This would be the perfect word to describe Gimme the Gig II Semi-Finalist; the dynamic duo Cowboy and a T.H.U.G. from Sacramento, California. Their unique style of “Country Hip-Hop” is original and it’s like nothing we’ve heard before.

Brett “Ezmoney” Miller had such an amazing experience during the Gimme the Gig II contest that he decided to give a shout out to Gimme the Gig and talk about his experience. You can check out Ezmoney’s thank you video here:

Ezmoney's Thank You Video

Behind the Band

Brett Miller aka Ezmoney, a Cowboy, and Andre Butler aka Skitzo, (you guessed it) a T.H.U.G. are the artists behind the original creation. Here are some interesting facts a lot of you probably don’t know about the duo: Ezmoney was originally a realtor, and he met Skitzo through the local Penny Saver. They started working together, and the rest is history! Not only do they try to promote a positive vibe in their music, they also try to be positive role models in real life. They were featured as “Hip-Hop Heroes” in a CBS Sacramento story (Click to view) when they saved their neighbor from a burning apartment.

Cowboy and a T.H.U.G.

We got a chance to catch up with Ezmoney for an interview about how things are going and what’s in the future for the duo.

GTG: Hi Ezmoney, it’s good to talk to you again. Can you tell us about your experience with Gimme the Gig II?

Ezmoney: We had a great experience - it was a really good thing for us just because it helped us gain a lot of exposure, and helped us gain a lot of fans. We also entered last year late in the game, but this year we made it all the way to semi-finals and we were really proud of that. We actually entered because Don was looking for something really unique. And even though we didn’t make it to the finals, we felt we had something really unique to offer – something clean, fun, and safe and very different for Hip-Hop and the Sacramento music scene.

GTG: That’s great! So what kind of feedback have you received from your fans?

Ezmoney: We already have a lot of fans who support us and we kind of just expanded on that. When you get into something like this and you start to make a little head way, and they see you progressing, it just gives us a little more legitimacy that we’ve actually been selected to go this far. A lot of people didn’t think we had a shot at going anywhere, so it’s kinda cool that we got that far. Then of course we also connected with a couple of other groups, and it was fun meeting some of the other really talented contestants.

GTG: So what’s on the horizon for Cowboy and a Thug?

Ezmoney: Right now we are trying to do something a little current. We are actually doing more club bangers for dancing in the clubs. Actually, one is inspired from us saving someone from a fire and we are calling it “We Are On Fire” (laughs). We actually have 6 new songs that we are putting together!

You can “Like” them at and you can follow them at If you're a fan, give them a shout out on the Gimme the Gig II Facebook page!

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