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Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Things You Didn't Know About Aside Oceans

Each week, we will be profiling one of our top artists who will be performing in front of the legendary Don Was!

This week we had the chance tocatch up with Aside Oceans' members Bradley, Steve, Billy and Tyler.

Originally from Pulaski, Virginia, Aside Oceans is nestled in the heart of Southwest Virginia. The Virginia fresh mountain air and simple southern hospitality has definitely made an impact on their musical presence. Drawing inspirations from a wide range of musical influences, Aside Oceans refuses to be categorized into one single genre. Instead, the passionate band strives to create a perfect balance of established sound while keeping its listeners in the very present of society’s constant musical progression.

Aside Oceans

Read our exclusive interview below, and discover 10 things you didn't know about Aside Oceans!

GTG: Where was your live performance on the Gimme the Gig II Focus Tour?

Bradley: We were performing at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, Arizona.

GTG: While you guys were there did you get a chance to sit and try out the new Ford Focus?

Steve: Ya we did, we thought it was pretty slick! I thought the push start feature was pretty cool, it was really convenient.

GTG: What is one thing about your band we would never guess?

Billy: Well we all live together and we work all at the same place at a pizzeria, we are really focused on the family-oriented style.

GTG: How did you guys come up with the name of your band?

Billy: So we came up with the band name Aside Oceans, which is pulled out of a sentence; “set aside oceans of differences and just let music be the cool thing that brings everybody together no matter what you like.”

GTG: What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you guys on stage or on tour?

Tyler: A few years ago, we were on tour and our van’s alternator would go out at red lights all of a sudden and we would have to jump out of the van and push it to the next parking lot and get somebody to jump us off.

GTG: What’s the hardest thing about being in an independent band?

Steve: Honestly, the hardest thing is just getting people to take that chance to listen to you from the get-go. I feel like if people would just take that chance and hear our band, that’ll be all it will take, they’d be sold. It’s hard to get the exposure and get your name out there.

GTG: Who are your biggest inspirations as a band?

Billy – We were all actually in metal bands when we were younger so we kind of grew up on some more intense music. But then as we got older we matured musically and wanted to go different directions like the Stones, the Beatles, Zeppelin and any music that doesn’t genre themselves.

GTG: What’s your guys’ favorite thing to eat for dinner on the road?

Billy – We are really stoked on some peanut butter sandwiches and Chef Boyardee. But when we can afford it, we really like some Steak ’n Shake.

GTG: Any words of wisdom to other inspiring musicians that’s just starting?

Bradley: The Gimme the Gig II contest is the biggest opportunity we have ever had and we had to drive from Virginia to do it. It’s basically saying hard work pays off, people notice it. It takes time to mature and you got to go through some stuff to write songs that have meaning.

GTG: How has being from Southwest Virginia and the South in general influenced your music?

Billy - The blues, that’s a huge thing in our area and I feel like when all of us as a band really got into the blues it really changed our music completely. It altered everything, and we really got into the emotional side of the music; we tackle the true emotions that people tackle everyday like the blues does.

Check out a video message from Aside Oceans to their fans and Gimme the Gig!

Make sure to check out their self-titled album Aside Oceans available now.
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