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Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Things You Didn't Know About HARGO

Each week, we will be profiling one of our top artists who will be performing in front of the legendary Don Was!

This week we had the chance to catch up with HARGO members Hargo and Sanjay.

Originally from San Diego, California, HARGO brings haunting melodies anchored by a driving beat, undulating rhythms, and a wide vocal range, which evocatively accentuates the socially and politically charged lyrics. HARGO is a unique blend of personalities and international cultures drawn from a diverse range of eastern and western musical styles and influences, resulting in eclectic music that is much more than just melody and lyrics.


Read our exclusive interview below, and discover 10 things you didn't know about HARGO!

GTG: Where was your live performance on the Gimme the Gig II Focus Tour?

Hargo: We played in San Diego; where we are from, in Del Mar at the fair ground at an event called Snow Jam.

GTG: Did you get the chance to sit and try out the new Ford Focus? What was your favorite feature of the Focus?

Sanjay: Ya, it was really cool! We saw a touch screen (MyFord Touch®) on there that caught our eyes right off the bat, it was the coolest thing.

GTG: What is one thing about HARGO that we and your fans would never guess?

Hargo: Sanjay is not the only Indian in the band! 
Sanjay: Also we drink more chai than whisky, which is uncommon for musicians (laughs).

GTG: How did you guys come up with the name of your band?

Hargo:  HARGO is my nickname from a much longer name. But it’s one word – it’s who I am. I think it was cool and made sense. Our bass player often jokes that I am just a little more HARGO than the rest of them (laughs).

GTG: Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you on stage?

Sanjay: We were on tour in Bakersfield. While playing our single “Crashing Down”, we had a band miscommunication and our old drummer played the whole song at half speed. He just kept nodding his head like “YA! I am killing it!” It was like watching a train derail in slow motion; it was hilarious (laughs).

GTG: What’s HARGO’s favorite thing to eat for dinner on the road?

Sanjay: Eating Indian food in different cities is our favorite thing to do on the road besides playing music.

GTG: Would you rather be rich or famous because of your music?

Hargo: Honestly, we’d just rather have people love and adore our music, and whatever the byproduct of that is what it is.

GTG: What country would you most want to perform live in other than US?

Hargo: It would be awesome to play in the Czech Republic. We’ve actually written a song “Tekni-Colouring” about it in our new record.
Sanjay: Eastern Europe would be our first region of choice.

GTG: Any words of wisdom to other inspiring musicians?

Sanjay: Be super true to yourself; having too much ambition can work against you. At the end of day don’t be afraid to step outside of the conventional line that society sets up for us.

GTG: How has traditional Indian music influenced your music overall?

Sanjay: We draw a lot of inspirations from eastern music. When the band came together, Indian music kind of just organically infused into this band’s backbone. We also both have a continued pursing of education of classical Indian music as well.

Check out a video message from HARGO to Gimme the Gig and their fans!

Make sure to check out their album “Out of Mankind” available now.

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